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Visiting BNI Vision

We’re a friendly group of local business people and visitors are always welcome—you will be surprised at how much laughing and  joking you will hear at such an early hour in the morning. But we are structured, positive, and supportive as well.

When attending a meeting for the first time we want it to be a valuable and productive experience, so we have put together this guide to give you an insight to our meeting.
If you have any questions, please contact the member who invited you or contact us

When to come

You are invited to network with our members at any of our meetings. We meet on Friday mornings, 6:30am at the Enfield Golf Club and you are welcome to join us.
Alternately you can join a smaller group of professionals relevant to your industry for a more informal meeting.

Meeting venue

Enfield Golf Club
Old Park Road South

What to bring

Bring along up to 100 business cards, as you will have an opportunity to pass them round in the meetings.

What to wear

The Golf club operates a ‘No Jeans’ policy. Please do not wear jeans as you may not be allowed into the building.


You can park in any of the parking spaces, but please DO NOT park in any of the reserved spaces. These are directly in front of the club house to the left as your drive in.

Benefits of attending

With over 60 professional meeting regularly in BNI vision, there are plenty of possibilities to spread the name of your business, and remember, it is not just the people in the meeting you will be reaching but everyone they know too.


One of the most impressive parts of our meeting is the referrals giving section where you will observe businesses passing business referrals to each other.
Don’t hesitate to give one either. Referrals are why you’re here and we want to network with you.

Request an invitation

If you are interested in attending one of our meeting to see the opportunities that we can provide to you please contact us to receive an official invitation.
Our Friday morning meetings are lively, informative and full of energy. You are welcome to arrive from 6:30am to network with our members. The meeting starts formally at quarter to seven. After a short introduction, we hear short presentations from our members, after which you will be invited to give a short commercial presentation (30s) about your business.

Important to know

We accept only one person per profession into any chapter, so your business is the same of similar to an existing business in the chapter you may not be able to present your business or pass your cards round.  We invite you to stay and enjoy the meeting. If you like the idea of being the sole business in your industry, we can refer you to another local BNI chapter who are in need of your profession.

The 30s commercial presentation

It is not surprising that most people are nervous about this. But BNI Vision is a friendly and supportive place, you will have no problems whatsoever. To help you, here are some suggestions of what to include.
Your name and business name.
What you do: give an overview of your services/products and the benefits they offer
Who you would like to be referred to: even if the person/company you would like to be referred to may not be in the room the members there may be able to help and put you in contact with them.