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Welcome to the BNI Vision private area

On this page, you will find a wealth of information relating to our policies and procedures, helpful documents, quick reference to key information and a host of other materials. The page is password protected and the password is v1s1onbn1.

To remember this easily, simply write ‘visionbni’,  all lowercase and replace all the ‘i’s with the number one (1).

SECTION ONE: Make the most of your membership

Do we have your cards?

Steve Smith gives out a pack of all our cards to every visitor. Look out for his email and ensure your cards are in those packs.
Also! We pass round the business card boxes each week. Do we have enough cards for you? Make sure you top up your cards as they run low.

Are you on the website?
The BNI Vision website is updated every month, and you can forward any updates you have to Keno Ogbo (Spiral Web Solutions) between the 20 – 23rd of the month.

Are you on the Vision banner?
The BNI vision banner is updated monthly. Please provide your logo to Charlie Sendula (Signarama) in EPS or high res format by the 25th of the month.

Need to speak to anyone about the printed sheets?
Georgia is responsible for the design, and Kostas for the printing of the weekly sheets. Please contact them with any requests.

Are you in the members’ guide?
This guide is given to visitors every week, so write a short profile, get a profile picture from Dumitrel Rada and send your details to Georgia


If you or your sub left the BNI Vision meeting before 8:30am, you will be marked as absent.

Attending social events is a great way to know other members and get referrals

You get a control letter if you are absent more than twice in a 6 months period.

You are allowed only 3 subs in a 6 months period.

RESOURCES: Get more visibility and credibility


These sheets are used to guide and record your 1:1 meetings. This download is option 1

Gains sheet - option 1



These sheets are used to guide and record your 1:1 meetings. This download is option 2

Gains sheet - option 2



Did you know that each Power Team meeting has a specific focus?

More Information

Speak to your power team leader or to Colin Adair, our power team coordinator

TIPS: Inviting Visitors

Download Powerteam guides

Marketing Power Team 

Property Power Team

Trades Power Team

Leisure Power Team 

Finance, Legal, Business Power Team

Health Power Team 


What we do


The President chairs the vision meetings and is responsible for how the meetings are run. The president is also responsible for the marketing of the chapter. Contact the president with any questions, ideas or suggestions to do with running the meetings or marketing the chapter.


Secretary Treasurer

The Secretary Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of the chapter. Contact the ST about renewing your membership and also about the monthly meeting fees.


Vice President

The Vice President chairs the membership committee and is responsible for the day to day running of the chapter. Contact the VP if you are unsure of the rules/policies/procedures of the meeting or with any ideas or suggestions.


What we do

The New member liason takes care of all new members. This role is our key liaison with the visitor hosts and  tracks our conversion goals. The role is also responsible for ensuring new members start on the right foot. She liaises with the mentor coordnator , power team coordinator  and the marketing team to ensure the new member is introduced fully to the chapter.

This role is charged with administering the policies and procedures of BNI. BNI rules state that categories will be opened up should members not adhere to its rules and procedures. This ensures we do not get to that stage by phone calls, emails and formal control letters. This means speaking to any members who may be late, have failed to complete their training or who did not attend a meeting. Speak to any member of the membership committee if you are not sure about how things work in Vision.

This role liaises with key chapter roles such as the mentors and power teams and reviews their performance. The role is also responsible for managing any conflicts that arise amongst members.

This role manages the process for renewing existing members. This includes, the decision to renew members, contacting members and informing Head Office of our decision. The role is also responsible for managing any conditions set by the Vice President.

This role is charged with maintaining a good culture in BNI Vision. He oversees our events – training and social, and also liaises closely with the EdCo coordinator. This role is also responsible for recruitment events and the social media aspect.