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Richard Cohn,
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Scribbles Media helps business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs to find the right words to achieve targeted business goals – to win new projects, drive more sales, attract the right staff, to slow-sell through engagement, or to build brand advocacy, to name but a few.

For 12 years my team and I have worked with hundreds of businesses from across the sector spectrum, crafting the copy and content strategies that have helped them to stand out from their competition, to launch, grow and win new contracts worth millions. 

Today we tailor our service to the evolutionary stage of our client’s business:




What makes us different is the care we take to develop an understanding of your business, to get under its skin and to discover its personality, it’s clients and the connection point between what you’re saying and what they’re listening out for, the sweet-spot where trust is earned, and deals are won.

Every word we write has purpose, every piece is proofread by a second colleague for quality control, and our client satisfaction guarantee assures you of our dedication to creating the finest, strategically considered copy for your business.

We work with clients to develop joined-up content strategies and the copy to support them, but here are a few of the individual channels we cover:

✔ Website Copywriting 

✔ Brochures, Leaflets and Marketing Literature

✔ Direct Mail and Email Marketing 

✔ Blogs, Articles and Thought Leadership 

✔ Case Studies, Customer Stories and Expanded Testimonials

✔ LinkedIn Profiles and Corporate Pages

✔ Tenders, Proposals and Presentations

✔ Content Marketing

✔ Content Strategies

Scribbles Media

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