Mario Hernandez – Webcast/Streaming Producer

IJLO is a webcast and streaming production company specialised on LIVE video and audio presentations. We help your message reach far and wide with fully interactive presentations that include dynamic elements that will help your audience engage directly with you and your team.

We integrate the most advanced technology into your presentation whilst targeting your audience in the most cost-effective way. Our webcast features are some of the most advanced in the market and we keep on innovating with every event.

These are some of the latest solutions we offer with our webcast packages.

  • LIVE replay (allows you to rewind during the live presentation)
  • Q&A Facility
  • Document download
  • LIVE subtitles (translated or native)
  • Audio and video options
  • Synchronised slides
  • On-Demand Hosting – watch the replay as many times you want after the event.
  • Registration page – capture visitor data
  • Pay Per View – allows you to capture an extra revenue stream
  • Slido LIVE polling and Questions
  • YOUR Branding, YOUR Website, YOUR content

Why Choose Us

When you are with us, we are with you every step of the way. Our mutual relationship is the most important thing for us and for our business. We will always make sure you have the best service at the best value. A personalised experience and a clear understanding of our offering for as long as you remain our client.

We think that people’s time is a precious thing and we understand your needs better than anyone else out there. This is why we deliver to perfection, so you can concentrate on your presentation and we’ll do what we do best.


Contact Details

Phone: 02035618407
Mobile: 07983562761
Instagram: /ijlo_uk
Facebook: IJLO.UK
Twitter: /IJLO_UK
Linkedin: ijlo

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