Jonathan Kaye, AC Management

“AC Management has been in business since 1998 acting as insurance loss assessors.

As an assessor I work to represent the insured when making a commercial or domestic insurance claim. Making a claim can be very time consuming, aggravating and costly. It is not unknown for insurance firms to take advantage of this by offering a low settlement while encouraging you to act quickly. My role is to take this hassle and irritation away from the insured.

I look to get involved with a claim as early as possible and once mandated by the client, be the point of contact for the insurance firm.

I make the phone calls to the insurance Co., deal with the adjustor and depending on the type of claim, I will deal with builders if needed, find the value of goods damaged or stolen etc., and systematically go through everything until I and the client are happy that a fair and reasonable offer has been made.

Why choose us

I concentrate solely on loss assessing. I understand the small print of the policy and have a very experienced team to call upon with a wealth of knowledge. I aim to maximize the settlement from what is entitled to be claimed for and act in a professional manner that the customer will be happy to recommend.

Contact Details

Phone: 020 8201 0996
Mobile: 07713 103 393

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